A Walk in the Garden

At the Tonbridge Farmers’ Market that I attended recently I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Smith, editor of “A Walk in the Garden”. Michael has a great passion for the local countryside, which he puts to good use by producing a regular glossy magazine detailing walks in the region. The magazine has an accompanying website (www.awalkinthegarden.co.uk), which has a wealth of interesting information on it, such as how the country was mapped using Trig Points and a wonderful “Pews with Views” section on hidden but scenic benches around Kent.

The edition of the magazine I was given to view was the Autumn 2011 one which included an article on Michael’s journey around the Kent coast supporting the RNLI – taking in 9 RNLI stations on route. Every page has a beautiful full-colour photo from the region and enough information to be useful without detracting from the beauty of the photography.

There were 4 maps with walk routes within this edition, including the Royal Military Canal, Tonbridge Gunpowder Trail, The Wye Downs and Lyminge. Each map comes with a brief description of the walk, giving points of interest and helpful facts such as parking locations.

The most amazing thing about this polished magazine is that it is free! Copies can be collected at various locations around Kent, including at the Tonbridge Farmers’ Market – where I received mine. You can follow A Walk in the Garden on Twitter (@awalkinthegdn) and on Facebook (www.facebook.com/awalkinthegarden)

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