Allotment progress

It seems like ages since we’ve had any rain and it means we’re eeking all the water we can out of our water butts. We’ve added two more butts that we purchased at auction, positioning them to collect water from the greenhouse roof – a new addition this year and an untapped resource at present, considering all the other jobs that we’ve had to do. Our neighbours, who also have a plot, had some spare rainwater diverters to attach to the greenhouse gutter and feed the water into the butts. Now all we need is some rain to start filling them!

We have had to net the strawberries to stop the birds taking little pecks out of them – I wouldn’t mind but that’s all they do, have a peck and move on to the next one! I’ve made sure the net is fully pegged down so there’s no chance of them sneaking underneath and coming to any harm. Any fruit that does get damaged in any way is placed on the ground on the plot for them to help themselves to – we don’t mind them having some of the spoils!

The planning goes on for where everything will be placed – there are so many plants to squeeze into our half plot. You get loads of seeds in a packet and to ensure you get a good selection you want to sow lots, which means we’ve got lots to fit into a small parcel of land as we don’t want them going to waste. At the moment I’ve selected a few locations for canes to go to support cucumbers outside – the ones in the greenhouse are doing so well, but we have to fit in tomatoes, gherkins and others into the remaining space in there.

It’s a wonderful feeling picking the spinach, salad leaves and radish, placing them in our baskets and strolling home for some dinner with fresh ingredients!

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