Campaigners welcome draft legislation to ban wild animals in circuses

The Born Free Foundation, British Veterinary Association, Captive Animals’ Protection Society and the RSPCA today welcomed the Government’s draft legislation to ban the use of wild animals in circuses in England, to be implemented in 2015.

The groups, which have worked closely together for a number of years on the campaign to seek an end to the use of wild animals in big tops in the UK said that they were “delighted” to see the ban brought forward in concrete terms.

A spokesperson, talking on behalf of all four leading organisations said:

“We are pleased to see that the Government appear to have come good on their promise to ban the outdated practice of using wild animals in circuses.

“We have long argued that the complex needs of wild animals cannot be met in a travelling circus environment and were disappointed when the Government introduced a licensing regime earlier this year which appeared to legitimise a practice which we, and our hundreds of thousands of supporters, want to see abolished altogether.

“We are looking forward to seeing the ban fully implemented at the earliest opportunity”.

The groups said that they would work to support Government in the formal enactment of the Bill and the Born Free Foundation and the RSPCA reiterated their pledge to offer to find safe homes for life for all wild animals currently being used in English circuses

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