City centre canal to be transformed into wildlife haven

I read a wonderful article on which was detailing Manchester City Council’s efforts to make the Rochdale Canal more inviting to wildlife. Their intention is to install a “Vegetation Carpet” along the far side of the canal which is basically a carpet full of plants which will help stimulate wildlife within the area.

“The carpets are made out of plants that are naturally found alongside riverbanks, such as marsh marigold, yellow flag iris and purple loosestrife. These will attract insects that will in turn bring more bats and birds such as blue tits and robins to that part of the city centre.”

Having holidayed on many different canals over the years I think this is a fabulous idea and is to be applauded. Anything that helps regenerate a run-down area of canal and stimulate a revival in natural wildlife has to be a good idea. They have already sited a duck-house nearby and bat boxes and nest boxes, along with the planting of Water Lillies.

I’m really excited about this idea and can’t wait to see it in place!

Read the full article here:

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