ClickGreen report that global warming boosts trees’ ability to store carbon

Now that I’ve found the fabulous website I have read another article that got me thinking. The article covers the results of a 7-year study at Harvard Forest in central Massachusetts, in which a section of the forest (about one-quarter of an acre) was artificially warmed about 9°F above ambient, to simulate the amount of climate warming that might be observed by the end of the century without aggressive actions to control greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuel burning and deforestation.

The study confirmed, as others have, that a warmer climate causes more rapid decomposition of the organic matter in soil, leading to an increase in carbon dioxide being released to the atmosphere. However, the study found that warmer temperatures stimulate the gain of carbon stored in trees as woody tissue, partially offsetting the soil carbon loss to the atmosphere. The carbon gains in trees, the scientists found, is due to more nitrogen being made available to the trees with warmer soil.

If this is the case then I’m glad that I’ve planted an apricot tree outside my house and a pear tree at my allotment plot, but I think I’d best explore other locations to pop an extra tree or two in to do my bit. As with all these things, I know it’s a drop in the ocean, but many drops make an ocean…

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