Glastonbury Festival embracing recycling during Recycle Week

With National Recycling Week starting on Monday I was very pleased to read an article about this years Glastonbury Festival, which occurs during Recycling Week. The festival opens it’s gates on Wednesday 22nd June, with the main music events starting on Friday 24th. Glastonbury Festival has always done it’s very best to embrace ecologically sound principles, giving out biodegradable tent pegs and other novel ideas in years past. This year they report that they will:

“We’re pleased to report that, at this year’s Glastonbury, Nouvelle will distribute free 100% recycled loo roll to festival goers. The company will give away 100,000 rolls of Nouvelle Soft from Festival Information Points.”

The festival has an 1100m² recycling barn where recycled materials will be sorted by 80 volunteers, collected from their 15,000 colour coded bins for different recycling materials. They state:

“Glastonbury Festival is more committed than ever to the recycling of festival materials and ensuring that the remaining waste going to landfill is not harmful to the environment. Working in close partnership with traders, the festival ensures all serving materials at catering stalls are made out of wood or fully compostable materials, including plates, cutlery, cups and bags.”

I wholeheartedly support all of their initiatives and will report back on my findings from this years festival.

View the original article here.

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