Government “dithering” over wind energy is leading to disaster

Industry leaders and campaign groups have today warned that Government “dithering” on wind energy subsidy cuts could prove a disaster for the sector.

Phil McVan, managing director of Myriad CEG Wind, was speaking after reports the Government has delayed a decision on making an announcement on subsidies for wind until the autumn after another disagreement between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

He believes the uncertainty that exists over FiT payments is set to cause “real harm” and could lead to significant job losses, with investors simply choosing to “sit on their hands”.

He said: “How are businesses supposed to plan, manage and grow in this climate of continual Government chop and change? It simply creates uncertainty? We need clear direction.

“The situation that is developing hugely affects the confidence of businesses and investors. We seem to be in a continual state of confusion, as far as green energy is concerned.

“The Government’s dithering will now create similar mayhem to that we saw last year in the Solar PV sector, which resulted in the loss of 24,000 jobs. Potential investors will delay their decisions. Businesses will be unable to plan and implement meaningful strategies to grow the sector.

“What is needed is a period of certainty to allow businesses to commit and deliver whilst restoring the confidence of investors who in uncertain times will just ‘sit on their hands’.

“That will cause great damage yet again to jobs and investment at a time when Britain needs a strong focused renewable sector delivering jobs and providing greater energy security.”

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