How green is the Royal Wedding?

What a beautiful occasion the Royal Wedding between William and Kate is – a stunning event considering how much of a logistical nightmare it must be to sort. With Prince Charles being keen to make Buckingham Palace as green as possible, I wonder how much of the proceedings have been adapted to make them less of an impact in the environment.

I did read that foreign TV stations were requesting the lights on the front of Buckingham Palace to be left on overnight to assist their coverage from their temporary studios located outside of the Palace. I understood that they had extended the time the lights would be left on until 1am, but were not intending to go beyond then partly due to Prince Charles’ wishes and partly due to the front of the Palace containing a number of bedrooms which wouldn’t appreciate the floodlights.

The use of horse and carriage transport was obviously a more eco-friendly method of transportation than a procession of cars and I understand that it must have been a difficult balance between security of the Royal Family and environmental impact. Despite the mini-buses used to ferry the minor members of the Royal Family to Westminster Abbey looking a little strange, it was a great way to get a large number of guests there in safety and reducing the impact of a cavalcade of limousines or similar.

If anyone knows of any ways that the wedding reduced it’s impact on the environment please let me know and I’ll share with our members on here.

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