How will the Tomatoes fare this year?

A few weeks back I though that we were going to have a nice Summer and that the seasons were going to behave and allow crops to develop normally. Looking at the weather report for the weekend it’s seeming that my thoughts were misplaced! I’m holding off putting in more sweetcorn plants that are rapidly outgrowing their pots in the greenhouse – the wind just wouldn’t be kinds to them if I planted them out now.

There are a huge quantity of tomato plants waiting to go out too, and they’re a little bit too delicate to cope with the blustery conditions. I really hope we don’t have the same blight as last year, which swept through the allotment with relish. I love making passata and was so disappointed to have no tomatoes of note last time around.

This year I have a dehydrator and vacuum packer to prepare and store whatever crops do survive. I’m hoping to be able to create a whole host of stored goods to use throughout the year. It was really sad that there were so many raspberries and strawberries that went to waste as there’s only so much jam I can make and use! This time around, lots of dried fruit will be easier to store and used throughout the year.

So now, I’m just crossing my fingers for a good spell of plant growing weather!

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