National Allotments Week (8th to 14th August)

Monday 8th August marks the start of National Allotments Week, organised by The National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Ltd. (NSALG). According to their website created for this event (

“National Allotments Week is a celebration of the british allotment movement throughout the United Kingdom. It’s an opportunity for those with plots to show off their hours of hard work while those without allotments to put pressure on local authorities to supply further plots.”

It’s worth checking their website to find out if there are any events near you – if not you could always arrange for your allotment group to put on some events. For example, Aylestone Lane Allotment Association, from Wigston in Leicestershire, will be having an Allotment Day on Saturday 13 August (12pm to 4pm). They have arranged talks on ‘How To Keep Chickens’, ‘Compost Making’ and ‘Wine Tasting’. They are also holding competitions for things such as Best Scarecrow; Family box of Vegetables; Longest Runner Bean; Funniest Vegetable and Tallest Sunflower. Such a great way to involve all ages in publicising the good work that allotments do for our wellbeing and health.

If you’re doing anything locally to me in Kent I’d love to hear from you, plus if any of our members are involved in events for National Allotments Week then please let me know and we’ll help publicise it.

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