National Recycle Week – 20th to 26th June

It’s just 2 weeks to go until National Recycle week ( and here at we’re looking into ways to help promote awareness about the week and to encourage our members to join the initiative.

Love your electricals – set them free!
According to the Recycle Now website, this year’s Recycle Week (20-26 June) is the perfect opportunity to clear out your cupboard, the shed or attic and give any old, broken or unwanted small electricals the chance to be useful again. According to research, our modern reliance on electrical goods and the emotional bonds we form with them prevent people from recycling unused items.  However, many of these much-loved items could be put to good use by someone else, or be broken down into components: recycling the valuable materials to help preserve natural resources.

Did you know?
Three out of every four of us have at least one old or unused electrical item in our home which could be recycled to help save precious resources.  Many of these items contain important plastics and metals that can be recycled to make new products.  For example, just one toaster can provide enough steel to make 25 new cans.

This year Recycle Week also sees the Recycle Now campaign joining up with the British Heart Foundation to promote donation of electrical items that are still in good working condition. They have a handy section on their website to find your nearest British Heart Foundation store to donate your electrical items that are in good condition. You can view the BHT store locator here.

Our gift to you to congratulate your recycling efforts.
We know that our members have green issues in their heart and we are confident that you’ll be doing your level best to support the recycle week initiative and to encourage others to do the same. To recognise this we will be announcing an offer that will run during Recycle Week, which I will post on here as well as articles in the national and regional press.

Keep your eyes peeled and start spreading the word about Recycle Week and…

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Nick doesn't claim to be the greenest person on the earth, he considers himself to be typical of the members on - someone who tries to do their bit for the environment, no matter how small. We all have our part to play in making our time on the earth a more harmonious one, regardless of how big or small the part we play. We can start by doing the small things such as recycling bottles and card board, cycling rather than driving etc. Visit our Google Plus profile or follow us on Twitter
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