RSPCA rescue double the number of animals from floods in just three days

The animal charity the RSPCA has released the latest rescue figures for flood stricken Britain- with almost 400 animals saved since Monday 10th February. Not only have they been helping people and pets, but unusual rescues include saving 40 fish and – in a separate incident- 30 chickens from the flood waters.

The flood rescue team have helped 586 animals affected by floods since Jan, with 386 of those in the last three days alone. These incredible efforts were praised by Labour leader Ed Milliband yesterday, who was at the scene with an RSPCA water rescue team in Wraysbury.

“The water rescue teams on the ground are doing an amazing job with limited resources,” said RSPCA flood rescue co-ordinator Jason Finch.

“We will continue to do everything we can to help animals, and humans, during this difficult time and are so grateful for all the support our workers have received from the public.”

Other rescues include:

  • Five cats rescued from a property and returned to owner who was evacuated Tuesday.
  • Two cats removed from a property and boarded for the owners.
  • Two cats and two people rescued from a house and taken to safety.
  • Three chinchillas rescued from a flooded garage and taken to animal center.
  • One elderly gentleman found walking in floodwater and returned to safety.
  • Fifteen chickens rescued from a scrap yard and boarded by a volunteer.
  • Three stray cats rescued. One swimming in flood water ; one rescued from a tree and another found shaking on a doorstep. All given vet treatment.

Can you help?
The RSPCA is also appealing for help in finding temporary homes for horses affected by the weather in the Hereford area.

There is currently a group of 10 ponies in the Kingstone area of Hereford which, whilst not in a flooded field, are being affected by the wet and cold weather and whose welfare is at risk.

Their owner has been giving them supplementary food twice a day but the ponies are using all their energy fighting the elements and desperately need shelter until the weather improves.

Anyone who thinks they may be able to help should contact the RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018. It is felt that a barn would be preferable to stables as the ponies are used to living in a group.


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