The Green Deal and Renewable Energy

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So, what is the Green Deal? As its launch date draws closer, it’s time to really get our teeth into what benefits can be gained from the government scheme. The initiative has been developed in a bid to make UK properties more energy efficient through various different Green Deal Home Improvements. The government’s overall ambition is to reduce the carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere and damaging our environment. The kinds of improvements that will be available under the scheme are things such as the installation of Green Deal boilers, double glazing and insulation.

However, it’s not all standard renovations and tweakings; the scheme will also cover the renewable energy sector, which is becoming more and more recognised as an innovative solution to the country’s, and the world’s, energy demands. “Renewable energy” is a term we are getting used to hearing, but what exactly falls under this heroic umbrella?
Firstly, there is Solar PV, which is quickly becoming a recognised replacement for gas and oil-guzzling methods of heating the home. The sun’s energy is not going to run out any time soon, so if we can utilise it to heat our homes, we should. Solar Panels are installed on the roof of your home and capture all those dazzling rays from the sun, convert them into electricity, which in turn can be used to keep your home cosy. Clever, huh?

When people think of renewable energy they often immediately think of solar panels, but the sector does span across several other energy-providing avenues. For example, ground source heat pumps are a method used to extract natural heat from the ground, which can then be used to heat your home or business building. Not only is this a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but is a method that requires very little maintenance.
Air source heat pumps will also be available under the Green Deal Scheme, which work as a great renewable energy source in Britain as they can extract heat from the outside air from temperatures as low as -15c.

These are all ways that can help the government to reach their 2050 carbon reduction target of 80%. This target is the reason behind the government’s eagerness to help property owners increase the energy efficiency of their homes at no upfront cost. Green Deal home improvements will be paid for through monthly instalments by the property owner. The golden rule here is that these instalments will never be allowed to exceed the money the property owner saves on energy bills.

Renewable energy is a sure fire way of decreasing the fuel we currently guzzle as a country, and the Green Deal could help you get on board with this. Get ready for “the biggest home improvement scheme since the Second World War”!

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